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The Wet Log of Updates AND Changes

Lets Be....

Wet Friends

Here, I will attempt to log updates, deletions, additions, and other changes made to the Swimming Fully Clothed series of web pages.  All changes will be noted by date with a brief description of the alteration(s) made.  This way, you - the wet surfer, can know what has occurred since your last visit and I, the web master, can keep track of what I have done.

 DO have a Update to your site or Club that you wish listed if so, please send us a note :)

A big word of thanks! to all our great contributors and supporters whom without we would not
exist.  We truely do appreciate all your efforts to help us out.  Please send us your thoughts or
opinions on this site. We value your input, and please don't forget to sign our  Guest Book
You may also contact me (TZ)at , for any assistance.

Please keep in mind that all "personal gallery" pics are the copyright of the original owner(s).
Please do NOT repost their pics to E-Groups, Yahoo Clubs, MSN  sites without their express
permission .


Those Hot Wet Boys From The "Pansy Division"

The current log file for 2001 is located here.

Update Note:  When the main page has been fixed, we will be re-starting the LOG page for the New Year 2001.  Access will be provided for it the same as  our previous years log pages.   (see bottom of this page)

Wednesday December 27th, 2000

1.     From our friends at the Grunge Guys Gathering 010101 Report:
        It seems we're down to 4 or 5 New Years mudbuds here at Falling Oaks Ranch for GGG 010101
        So I'm not planning on the RV (plus I can't skip work to go get it.)  Please come if you can.
        But bring sleeping gear.  I'd prefer you stay here so you can drink and be merry and we won't have to worry
        about you on the road.
        We'll try to get our act together for food and drink, but probably someone will need to go shopping Saturday
        Anybody up for a muddy trip to town?
        We'll be home after 6:00pm Friday eve.  Let me know if you need directions.
        For Contact Information :  Tim BikrCowboy

2.     Check out the Great Update at:  Wetdude25 Wet Site  50 New Pix Added to his Galleries
        thanks  Wetdude25 We look forward to many more great wet pix.

3.     Wet Update From: Maik_wet   Click Here  .This is a ADULT PAY  Wet Site

4.     The main page is still down and is being worked on...we apologize for the inconvenience.

Wednesday December 20th, 2000

1.     Check out the NEW Update at "Wetladz in 501s" Click Here to Visit Cowboy Robs Gallery
        Thanks Guys for the Great Wet Update!

2.       ALL brand NEW Check out Wet Christians NEW Wet Gallery # 21
         What a great WET Party this group has...They always look like they are having
         a great wet time!!!  click HERE to visit his Site :  Wet Christian's

Monday December 18th, 2000

1.     We have Opened Poolbuddy's Euro-Splash Gallery  Check out all the Great Wet Pix
        Many thanks to our wet buddy Poolbuddy.

2.    Check out the NEW Update at  Yahoo Club Swimming Fully DRESSED We
       wish to thank "Wetnake" for the NEW Wet Series in the Tub.. AND NOW
       Wetnake3 has been added....Way to go!

3.     Check out the Hot Wet boys of the "Pansy Division  Click Here To Visit The Wet Pics
        Don't forget to check out all their site... Click 4 Main Index  Thanks Guys for Sharing your wet pics!

Thursday December 14th, 2000
1.     New URL for our friends at the  Wet and Muddy Boots & Jeans  Check em out..

2.     A Brand New Site that "Combines all the Wet Links" into one is brought to us
        by "Wetboy"  Many thanks!   Click Here To Get Wet. Com

3.     New Updates in the "Buddy Wet Pages" Click Here

Sunday December 10th, 2000

1.     New Images added to "Wet Danleau Gallerie"  # 12-17    Click Here

2.     New Images added to the  Wet Jeans Gallery   thanks to Mabe Bamb
        These images may also be found at :  Yahoo Club Wet501s

Wednesday December 6th, 2000

1.     Super Hot Gallery from our Wet Friend from Paris, France check out the NEW
        "Wet Danleau Gallerie"  Click Here for Entry Many Thanks to  Danleau

Tuesday December 5th, 2000

1.      ALL brand NEW Check out Wet Christians NEW Wet Gallery # 20
         What a great WET Party this group has...They always look like they are having
         a great wet time!!!  click HERE to visit his Site :  Wet Christian's

Wednesday November 29th, 2000
1.     RED ALERT :  Check it out....Thanks to our Wet Buddies "Wet_dude" and
        MattG,  We have a NEW Update at:  Click Here  New Pix # 26-50 Very Hot..

2.     We welcome back our wet friend from Germany "Wassermann" check out his
         new update at:  Wassermann's Also a NEW E-mail for Wassermann. Click
         Here : To Mail Wassermann  Thanks for the Update at WetWetWeb.

3.     New Update at the "Gungepit"  This is a community that you need to join first.
        go to:  Gungepit to sign in and join  Thanks to Slopstud

4.     Our "Grunge Guys" are working on a NEW Gathering...01-01-01 and also
        July 4-8, 2001.  Please direct any questions to "Tim&Doug" Wet Cowboy E-Mail
        They have interests from a half dozen guys so far for 01-01-01..and might be
        renting a RV if you are drop them a message..thanks guys..

Tuesday November 28th, 2000
1.      We have a special Update from our friend Larry with 11 new pics added to his
         wet gallery.  You can check it out at:  Larrys Page

Saturday November 25th, 2000
1.      We welcome A new Wet Site with pix from MATT G  We are very fortunate to have
          his creative wet talents back with us.  To visit the NEW wet site click here
          Thanks to Zippy for providing the Site to us..  Click to thank Zippy

2.       Also don't forget to visit the other wet site provided by Wet_dude,  Click Here
          For 2000 Snowmobile Water Cross AND 2000 Ski Water Cross

3.       Added Trevor to the  Buddy Page So. Calif  Check out his pix and posting!

Friday November 24th, 2000
1.      Hope you had a Nice Turkey Day!  We have a NEW update from our Wet
         Friend Jes. He has sent in 11 New pix to be added to his Wet Gallery please
         visit it at :  Wet Jes # 2

Wednesday November 22, 2000
1.     A special treat from  Yahoo Club Swimming Fully DRESSED  A Super hot gallery
        from "Wetbulges"  Thanks to  Jeff Rogers  We appreciate the contribution.

Monday November 20th, 2000

1.    We have a lost son that is looking for some fatherly advice...(grin) send him a
        E-mail with your advice to him....
        hi i,m cary i live in atlanta ga  i want to know  what i should wear during the day and
       how i should get wet and stay wet all day and what i should wear to bed and how to
       stay wet during the night please send me a list   reply to
       asap thanks
        (This has been a SFC Public Service Annoucement)

Sunday November 19th, 2000


1.  New Update at  Yahoo Club Wet Baggy Jeans Check out the Great NEW Series
     from jj9320_28602,  Called "Wet Structure" many thanks   To E-mail JJ

2.    ALL brand NEW Check out Wet Christians NEW Wet Gallery # 19
      What a great WET Party this group has...They always look like they are having
      a great wet time!!!  click HERE to visit his Site :  Wet Christian's

3.   A big Wet Welcome to Guus and his new site " Amsterdanse Sox"  A fetish
      dry/wet Shoes AND Socks Site.   Click Here to Visit Guus

4.    Check out the NEW Update at  Yahoo Club Swimming Fully DRESSED We
       wish to thank "Wetnake" for the NEW Wet Series in the Tub.. AND NOW
       Wetnake2 has been added....Way to go!

5.    ALSO at  Yahoo Club Swimming Fully DRESSED  Check out the NEW pix from
       our wet friend "Cliff"  AKA Wetinboca  titled "Green Cargos"  thansk Guys!

6.    NEW Also at  Yahoo Club Wet In Jeans AND Leather  Several Hot galleries of
       Wet Leather, biker Jacket, Leather Pants, Leather and Jeans together..
        thanks for the note "Ricky"  stay wet!

Saturday November 18th, 2000
1.  NEW Update at Wetladz in 501's  Check out Mike...Woof!!!  Click Here  This site
      gets hotter and hotter all the time...With all the Great Ladz!  Paul,Jamie,Rob
      Dean and Russ. Thanks Guys..

2.  NEW at Yahoo Club Wet Construction Gear  A great NEW series of pix from our
     wet friend "Muddyguy1966" Check out the "Shower after Work" series.
     Many thanks .. Click Here To E-Mail  Our Appreciation.....

3.  Our "Grunge Guys" are working on a NEW Gathering...01-01-01 and also
     July 4-8, 2001.  Please direct any questions to "Tim&Doug"  Wet Cowboy E-Mail

4.  NEW Update at  Yahoo Club Der Nass Online Club  New Series by Achim_Owl,
      Flussbilder vom Sommer 2000

5.  New Update at Yahoo Club Men In latex Vinyl & PVC Many thanks to our long time wet
     buddy...Kevin-WildWet   Updated Series " Leather Syrup II"

6.  Check the Updated Site from our friend "Wet_Nando"  Click Here To Enter
     2 wet galleries and 3 Personal Wet "Adult " Rated Galleries.  Many Thanks!
     Click Here To Mail Wet_Nando

7.  We have a special NEW Gallery being added today, many thanks to our Wet Buddy
     Paul from Ontario for the great scans.   Wet Soap Hunks   We appreciate the wet
     contribution... Click to Mail Paul

Monday November 6th, 2000
1.  ALL brand NEW Check out Wet Christians NEW Wet Gallery # 18
     What a great WET Party this group has...They sure look like they are having
     a great wet time!!!  click HERE to visit his Site :  Wet Christian's

Wednesday November 1st, 2000
1.  Hope you had a nice Halloween..(if you celebrated) ! We have a NEW Gallery online
     We welcome you to the  Wet Media No. 6 Gallery thanks to "Poolbuddy" for his great
      assistance :)  If you have any wet ads or know of any wet pix in Magazines, please
     drop us a message so we can find it..and add it into the NEXT gallery.

Monday October 30th, 2000
1.  We are very happy to have a brand NEW Gallery for your wet enjoyment
      Please give a wet welcome to "Jan" from Germany. Click  HERE For Jans Wet Gallery

2.   Check out the Update at WETLADZ in 501s "Exclusive pics, togther with some
       old favourites are now showing on your" FAVOURITE Wet Levi's WebSite over at :
      WETLADZ in 501s  Thanks to Paul and Jamie , Rob and Dean and Russ!

3.  We have updated the E-mail address for our wet friend "Rein" you may contact him
      at : Rein His Wet Gallery is : Rein's Wet Album

4.  New Update at  Yahoo Club White Jeans Gallery several new pix have been added
     to various galleries.  check em out.

5.  A wet site that I always enjoy visiting, please check out "Urs" wet site at:
      Click Here   a  Private gay homepage for anyone who like to
       get wet with all clothes (Jeans, Sportswear)

6.  Nasse-Jungs is now online.... Click Here  This is a pay subscription site for
     different galleries..Write them for details.  Also a Video in PAL format is
     available for purchase.  Many Free Pix shown on the site..  Click Here to Mail

7.  We have updated the "Buddies" page with a NEW pix from "Capt.Mike"

Monday October 23rd, 2000
1.  We have a New Gallery Opening: Wet Uniforms # 2  More wet fun! If you have
      any Wet Uniform PIX..Please send them in for the next gallery installment.
      We are looking for school uniforms...Police...Firemen...Airmen...just to name a few.

2.  ALL brand NEW Check out Wet Christians NEW Wet Gallery # 17
     What a great WET Party this group has...They sure look like they are having
     a great wet time!!!  click HERE to visit his Site :  Wet Christian's

3.  For more great wet pix...take a visit to a NEW link on our site...please welcome
     Ibiza-Bangkok.  You may visit his Wet Site at:  Ibiza-Bangkok

4.  To check out those Wet GoGo-Boys in their Wet Boxer Briefs click  Here

5.  Another NEW Wet link is to Wet Male Celebrities Online Click  Here

6.  We are adding 2 NEW Yahoo Clubs to our Wet List.  Please check out and
      Visit : Gay Soccer Kit Lads  AND  White Jeans Gallery

Thursday October 19th, 2000
1.  We bring to you the first of several New Shower Galleries ShOwEr # 1
      Stop in and remember you must be dressed to Enter  and get Wet!  Enjoy..

2.  We have updated our links page...If you have a un-reported Wet link or a link
     that you think we should have listed...Please send it in   Link Suggestion

Monday October 9th, 2000
1.  We welcome jes back with a all new wet gallery
    Wet Jes # 2 check out the new wet tub and ocean pix
    you may contact jes at:  Jes many thanks..

2 ALL brand NEW Check out Wet Christians NEW Wet Gallery # 16
     What a great WET Party this group has...They sure look like they are having
     a great wet time!!!  click HERE to visit his Site :  Wet Christian's

3.  At  Yahoo Club wet501soverflow  Check out the 2 most recent galleries, WetKevin
     in "Leather501s full of Syrup and " Bruedi01" in Wet 501's and Biker Jacket.
     Many thanks guys for your contributions.

4.  Check out the Update at: CowboyBootLover Many thanks!

5.  UPDATE at  Get Wet    check out the NEW pix  at:  Shower Gallery
     thanks to WetBoy

6.  There is a NEW Update at:  Wassermann's WetWetWeb Site  If you have not
    visited it lately..Check it out....many thanks

Saturday October 7th, 2000
1.  Check out the short term gallery called  The Jello Wrestling Boys Gallery

2.  Its nice to have "Wacky" back...and all the NEW exciting galleries from
     Frits and Ton...Thanks for all the HARD work guys... Wackywet

3.  A most interesting NEW link showed up on the Wacky Beach....check out
      Wet...... Thanks to  Christian

4.  There is a new update for Oct  at :  Zoom Magazine   female/male Pay Site..

Monday October 2nd, 2000
1.  With Many thanks to several contributors we have opened up the all Brand NEW
      Dunk Tank Gallery # 10  Come Jump In and get wet...

Saturday September 30th, 2000
1.  Come check out the "NEW" additional 16 pix sent in by "WetPrep" to his
     Wet Gallery..Many Thanks!   WetPrep

2.   ALL brand NEW Check out Wet Christians NEW Wet Gallery # 15
     What a great WET Party this group has...They sure look like they are having
     a great wet time!!!  click HERE to visit his Site :  Wet Christian's

3.  Check out Robb1138's NEW Wet PIX at: Yahoo Club WetBaggyJeans
     Also Check out wetinboca's NEW addition "Dry is NOT a option" Great PIX!

4.  ALSO Check out Robb1138's HOT Calvin Klein Singlet pix at:
      Yahoo Club GuysInWetUnderwear  Way to Go Robb.....Keep em Coming!

Monday September 18th, 2000
1.  We Welcome a NEW Wet Gallery to our Site, Courtesy of Wet Hunk "Ren Adams"
      Click Here to Check out the lastest from this hot wet dude  CLICK ME

2.  We have added a link to two of our wet friends and their galleries of hot hunks
      click here to visit  Hot Male Galleries  Thanks Guys !

3.  When it pours..We have another hot update from our friend Jaime
      check out the NEW Update at  Jaimes Day Trip to the Seaside AND a Second Soaking !
     Thanks guys for the Great Wet Update....

4.  Also NEW is the Updated  Yahoo Club Briefcase wcfan01 Check out the NEW
      Glacier Park Pix...along with all his previous Hot Pix Available..Many Thanks!

Sunday September 17th, 2000
Check out the Updated Page for "Wetguy"  PushMeInTheWater
  click Here PUSH !!!  Thanks for the update and thanks to Paul in Canada
  for doing the River Hike pix... E-mail WetGuy

Saturday September 16th, 2000
1.  We have added a NEW Wet Hunks2 Gallery  This is a short term gallery  (2-weeks)
      more wet hunk galleries coming up....Ya Snooze Ya Looze!

2.   ALL brand NEW Check out Wet Christians NEW Wet Gallery # 14
     What a great WET Party this group has...They sure look like they are having
     a great wet time!!!  click HERE to visit his Site :  Wet Christian's
     (site is back up)  Yippie!

3.  "Newly formed community for gay and bi guys turned on by denim, underwear and other hot
    gear - dry, water wet, muddy or slimed. You must go here to apply:


Monday September 11th, 2000
1.  The final set of Nick are up at Yahoo Club SwimmingFullyDRESSED  Thanks to
     Richard and Nick....(popsicle boy)  How about the Warm shower next time boys!

2.  Wet_Levis has announced a NEW MSN Club (Private Community)
     " Extreme new MSN Community formed for guys into jeans, briefs and
      jocks - wet or dry. This is a private community."

3.     ALL brand NEW Check out Wet Christians NEW Wet Gallery # 14
     What a great WET Party this group has...They sure look like they are having
     a great wet time!!!  click HERE to visit his Site :  Wet Christian's

4.    Check out the Yahoo Club Der NassOnline Club For Updated Pix  and More!
        juesch has added a new set called " Meine Badehosen"

5.  WetDutchBoy has a NEW URL to his site. "DutchWetboy's Hangout" click here

6.  Check out  Yahoo Club GuysInWetUnderwear  "Piemedude" has added 3 NEW
      Pix to the site. Many thanks  Piemedude E-Mail
7.   I hope that all the current LIST members are enjoying their private viewing
     of the  Wet Hunks Gallery....You could be too if you are on the WET
     Preview LIST-BOT...See top of page to sign up...its free!

8.   New E-mail address     Rein's Wet 3 Piece Suit Gallery
    .  Please extent a Warm Wet Welcome to Rein

9.   "Teen Boys Swimming In Clothes"
      Remeber this is FOR AND BY wet teens.....Click Here For Joining Thanks to
      WetSimon... No rude or adult postings.....please be respectful.

Thursday September 7th, 2000
1.   We have Updated  a NEW Contributor Gallery  Alldrenched Wet Gallery  Many
      thanks to Allan for his NEW  wet contributions  click here to Mail Allan .

2.   Also check out  Yahoo Club Wetbaggyjeans  for Robb's Latest pics...
     A and F Wet !   More please Robb....UPDATED!! Thanks Robb 

3.  Check out the NEW Update at : MudboyUK Thanks Mudboy!

4.  There is a NEW Update at:  Wassermann's WetWetWeb Site  If you have not
    visited it lately...Several Updates this past month...Way to go! Danke

Wednesday August 30th, 2000
1.  The Wet Votes are in for Number 1....The NEW Wet Series of "Nick" at
     Yahoo Club SwimmingFullyDRESSED  Thanks to Richard .and Nick for
     the NEW Photos...Sure did look COLD in there!    way to go!

Tuesday August 29th, 2000
1.  Time is almost up for voting for your favorite series of "Nick"pix to be posted,
     Check out the Yahoo Club SwimmingFullyDRESSED  for more details.

2.  There is a NEW Update at:  Wassermann's WetWetWeb Site  If you have not
    visited it lately...Very Nice Wet Pix...

3.  Check out the NEW Update at:  Soaking Wet  New Series "Soaking Up
      The Surf" pix from Ft. Lauderdale July 2000 . check out his other wet pix too..
      You may contact him at: Soaking Wet  If your in FLA or going...maybe you
      can hook up...have a good wet time together..Enjoy!

4.  Check out the brand new gallery TZ # 9 Click Here
    to see the new gallery  Click the ICON

5.  Check out the NEW " Mudboys Sneakers" Gay Sneaker Fetish
   Site.  Mudboy also had a terrific wet Gallery just starting..
   Check the first set of WET pix he has posted..We Look Forward
   to This gallery Growing!!  Mudboys Sneakers Many thanks Steve

6.  ALL brand NEW Check out Wet Christians NEW Wet Gallery # 13
     What a great WET Party this group has...They sure look like they are having
     a great wet time!!!  click HERE to visit his Site :  Wet Christian's

Monday August 21st, 2000
1.  SOBEWETJEANS has started a NEW Club at  You may join The
    Gay Wet Clothing Group  Thanks Alain....(Please send
     in updates to this club.)  Nothing going on.....

Sunday August 20th, 2000
1.  From  Yahoo Club WetMidWesternGuy   We have a NEW wet gallery
    Many thanks guys for sharing your wet pics...

Friday August 18th, 2000
1.  We Welcome a NEW link and also SITE OF THE DAY Christian's Wet Galleries
     Please give Christian A Wet  Welcome ..He as 12 great WET Galleries on
     his Site to view.  You may e-mail him at:  Christian

2.  From  Yahoo Clubwet501s     And now the search is on for the
    "ULTIMATE" wet Levis movie!!! Over to you again. To start the ball
    rolling I propose a very young Tom Cruise in THE OUTSIDERS!! And
    lastly! Do we have any pix from these movies or video captures? If so
    forward them to me at  Paul or post them on the Club.

3. From  Yahoo Club Wet501sOverflow Check out the (2) NEW Galleries Added this
    Week.  "Levispup" Naughty in the Cellar and "Paul501_99" with 501s in
    Shaving Creame.  Thanks Guys for your contributions!

4.  From Yahoo Club SwimmingfullyDRESSED darkjediknt has added a NEW Gallery
     called "Jacket Tie AND Nikes" Thanks Richard.

5.  WE have a NEW Adult Gallery for your Viewing Pleasure
   Check out:  Juesch Wet Pajamas Gallery  This is for Adults...Only.....
    You may E-mail him at:  Juesch

6.    In honor of Summer 2000 we are working on a NEW Gallery
   called "Wet in White"  If you have any favorite Dry to Wet pics
   Wearing White...please do send them in...Many thanks! stay wet.

7.  There is a NEW Update at:  Wassermann's WetWetWeb Site  If you have not
    visited it lately...Check it out.

8Bruce writes  on "WackyWet" Wanna get wet in NYC?

      We've got a small group going and are nailing down a day/time. This is a last call for
      anyone. Those who contacted me will get the specifics...

Monday August 14th, 2000
1.  what a hot treat!  check out the NEW pics posted at Yahoo Club
   WetSF Check out Poolbuddy's Bath # 2.....thanks!  Poolbuddy

2.  NOW SHOWING at WETLADZ in 501's CHECK out the NEW PIX of "Dean"
     Click here to visit the new pix..... WETLADZ in 501s  Thanks Paul..Dean..great show!

Friday August 11th, 2000
1.  We have a NEW site of the Day....Do take a visit to "WetHides"
    Website at:   WetHide Some Great Wet & muddy pics & a section for
    those that like to get wet & kinky in leather and more..see for
    yourselves..You can E-mail Patrick at:  WetHide

Wednesday August 9th, 2000
1.  We have updated the Links Page With (2) NEW Sites for you to Check out.
     Grunge Guys Mud & Wet Campout July 1-4, 2000 AND Maiki's House, WAM
     Site with a large selection of WAM Links to check out.
2.  Many Thanks to several contributors for sending in Pix for the Media Page
     You can check out the 30 NEW pix added by going here..  Media Gallery # 5

3.  If any one in NYC is interested in a "Documentary" style
   Video of a "wet party"  Being Made..for (Non-Commercial)
   Web Use...drop a note to the Webmaster..Lots of Wet Fountains
   in NYC......

4.AquaMan in St. Louis is Looking for "WetBuddies" to go out and
    Have some wet fun..Hit the WaterParks..Do some Pix..So if you are
    Interested..and in that Area..Drop a note off to the Webmaster here.

5.  We have a great NEW gallery check out Dave's Wet Kit Gallery ..
     Dave in his Wet Gear ..More pix coming soon...and Dave will be a feature on
     the "Lionmane" site soon...Click here to visit his Gallery  Dave's Wet Kit Gallery

6.  Your help is urgently requested please!! From Yahoo Club Wet501's...
   I am attempting to compile a definitive list of movies featuring guys in
   Levis, Wet Levis, Wranglers or Wet Wranglers and would ask for your
   help. If you have any information do sent it along to Leviguy501

Tuesday August 1st, 2000
     Wet Greetings..several NEW updates at the Yahoo Clubs.

1. A NEW Club to report on...Do check out the Yahoo Club
    WetMidWesternGuy A real nice place to visit...and check out the Great wet pix..!

2.  The PIX are in at Yahoo Club WetSF Check out all their HOT FUN going
     down the Russian River...Thanks Guys for Sharing...Great Job Poolbuddy!

3.  We are in for "Double Treats" check out all the NEW hot pix loaded up at
     Yahoo Club Wet501sOverFlow "Russ Wet Leather Jacket" series and ALSO
     The Series Continues of Wet "River Jamie"  Way to go guys...many thanks :)

4.  Wet Kevin has loaded up some NEW PIX at his Yahoo Club  LatexVinylandPvc
     PVC Pants and Creame...woah!

6.  Take a look at : 3 Musketeers On Vacation  From a link posted on Wacky
     ( You can almost hear ZZ Top ) in the background!  Great pix and looks like
     loads of wet fun......

7.  We bring you a Great NEW Gallery... AdidasBoy Many thanks to
   Our NEW Wet Kit pal "Joel" We appreciate you sharing pix
   from your site...DO check out ALL his HOT pix just follow the
   link provided in his gallery.  thanks!

8. Check out the Yahoo Club Der NassOnline Club For Updated Pix  and More!

Wednesday July 26th,2000
1.  Be sure to check out "WetDutchBoys NEW Update  SEVEN NEW pix
     We Look forward to Viewing his "American Tour" pix when he has them
     completed.  check out :  DutchWetBoy

2.  We are in for a treat again!  Go to Yahoo Club
   ClubWet501sOverflow for some hot teaser pix of "River Jamie"
    More pix to come....Glad the weather improved again in the UK!
    Thanks to Jamie and Paul for their continued Great Wet pix!

3.  I have been notified that the Video "Get Real" MIGHT NOT BE THE SAME

4.  In honor of Summer 2000 we are working on a NEW Gallery
   called "Wet in White"  If you have any favorite Dry to Wet pics
   Wearing White...please do send them in...Many thanks! stay wet.

Sunday July 23rd, 2000
1.  We have UPDATED the LINKS Page ..We still have more Sites to
    Check-out...and More Sites to Add.  But We Please ask that you
    Take a gander at the LINKS Page and See IF there is a Site you
    Know of that is NOT ON THE LIST...and Please E-mail that to
    us so we can ADD it On to the UPDATE LINKS PAGE.
    Click the FINGER for Links Page 

2.  We have Updated Sylvain's Wet Gallery with Several NEW PICS from
    his Recent Trip to Cuba.....   Sylvain's Wet Gallery

3.  A Big thank you to JimWWW for providing us the URL at for info
     Concering the Video "Get Real" for Sale...Check it out!
      Get Real Video at Amazon   Read all about it..and the Reviews.

Friday July 21st, 2000
1.  Many thanks to markybal for the information concerning the "Shower AVI Files"

     I think the shower avi's are from the movie " Get Real" which was at the cinema last
     year and will be out on video in the uk soon. i think it is already out on vid in the US.
     its a story about 2 schoolboys who fall in love but have to keep it a secret.

2.  We have Opened Up a NEW Contributor Gallery  Alldrenched Wet Gallery  Many
      thanks to Allan for his wet contributions  click here to Mail Allan .

3.  Check out the NEW Update at Yahoo Club Wet501s Overflow  A new gallery from
     Paul501_99 Called " 501s in Syrup"  what a sticky Sight!  I hope we get to see
     you getting wet and washing all that off too .. you can contact him at  Paul .

4.  CHECK OUT Yahoo  Club SwimmingfullyDRESSED  For The Latest Series of
     Exciting PIX.. "Nick Pix Round 2. Final 4.  Many thanks to Nick AND Richard .
     We Definately look forward to Round 3. of this Wet Series...!!!

5.  UPDATE at  Male Model Photography & Portfolio of J.T. SEATON

6.  We have Opened a NEW Media Gallery # 5...Many thanks to several different
      contributors. The NEW Gallery has several blank spots open for your contributions
      to be sent in...Click Here for  Media Gallery # 5

Tuesday July 18th, 2000
1.  Check out the NEW pix posted to the  Yahoo Club WetBaggyJeans  By wetinboca
     Many thanks Cliff....Great Wet Pix......

Saturday July 15th, 2000
1.  NEW Url for  Wassermann WetWetWeb Also Check out his NEW Wet
    Gallery Added...thanks  Wassermann .
2.  NEW Series posted to Yahoo Club  wet501soverflow WET & WILD posted by
      leviguy501 ALSO Check out "Workers Bath Time" from  David   Thanks Guys!

Wednesday July 12th, 2000
1.  Updated: check out the Wet Boy Groups Gallery Several NEW Wet
    Pix Added to the Gallery

2.  Our Wet Friend Kevin has Updated his Yahoo Briefcase
   Check out his New Gallery of Cargo Red Nylon Pants AND
   Hot Wax!  Click Here For:  Wet AND Wild Kevin  Thanks Kevin!

3.  New at Yahoo Club Wet SF a NEW Gallery from  Wetleatherbiker Wearing his
     leathers in the Tub. Click Here to check them out:  Yahoo Club WetSF .

Tuesday July 11th, 2000
1. Check out these new experimental AVIs!  You will get better less jerky more smooth playing results if you right click on the links and do a "save as" instead of just of clicking and playing.  Let us know if this works and enjoy the short videos!

Shower #1   Shower #2   Shower #3   Shower #4  Keystone Commercial clip

                Last mpeg clip is from a Keystone Beer ad.

Thursday July 6th, 2000
1.  check out the "NEW" Anon Univere Gallery click  Here for
    entry to the new world......thanks to our "Anon" contributor

Monday July 3rd, 2000
1.  IMPORTANT Message from  Poolbuddy :  From Yahoo ClubWetSF
     The deadline is July 10. No exceptions. If you want to join wet and
     muddy buds for a day on the Russian River, sign up now! E-mail to confirm and receive detailed info. We'll meet
     in SF, carpool up to the river for a canoe trip, followed by a party at Club
     Mud. Cost is $40 per person to cover rentals and food/drinks. Fifteen
     guys have confirmed so far. Don't be left out.

2.  CHECK out the latest at  Yahoo Club Wetsportwear  (2) Special NEW Galleries
     have been added on.  First Gallery is "Jay's Euro 2000"  AND the Second is
     "Rob's After Match Shower" BOTH are NOT to be missed..Great work guys..

3.  At Yahoo  Club Wetbaggyjeans  check out the NEW Gallery from  Soggy1970
     Check out his "Party Bet Photos"...Many thanks dude!

4.  CHECK OUT Yahoo  Club SwimmingfullyDRESSED  For The Latest Series of
     Exciting PIX.. "Nick Pix Round 2.  Many thanks to Nick AND Richard .

5.  A Big Wet Welcome to a NEW Contributor.  We have opened Up The New Gallery
     Wethides Pictures Many thanks to Patrick. You may contact him at: Wethide

Friday June 30th, 2000
1.  Check out the Yahoo Club  Der NassOnline Club For that Wetlook Fetish and More!
2.  Another Yahoo Club to look at is Gunge Suited Gaymen  many thanks  Suit0106  for
     that Wet & Messy Look  of Men Well Dressed for that Occasion.
3.  A Big thank you goes out to "Wetmuscledude" for allowing us Access to a most
     Wonderful Wet Briefcase of Excellent Wet PiX.  Check out the NEW pics posted
     at : Briefcase for wcfan01 If this doesn't get you out to Wash your Car....Enjoy!!!
4.  Check out the Update at:  Wet Boot Update  Many Thanks Saxonburger
5.  More pics of "Nick" have been posted at Yahoo Club  WetBaggyJeansMany thanks
      to "Nick" and also  The DarkJediKnt...aka Richard ..Nick's Wet Adventure will
      be stay tuned!!!

Saturday June 24th, 2000
1.  GREAT NEW Update at Yahoo ClubWetSF  Special Series of Pics from "FilthyLeviStud"
     July 4th Weekend Pool Pictures, Many Thanks to our WetBuddy  Ren Adams HOT PIC!!!
2.  NEW UPDATE  at Yahoo Club WetBaggyJeans  Check out Robbs  Latest Wet Series
     XXL Mecca baseball shirt & Jnco's.  Thanks  Robb .  Also check out the RE-sized and
     RE-posted Pics of Nick...thanks to  Richard .
3.  Our Listbot Mailing List is Growing! Make sure you sign up so you will be alerted
     to all our NEW Upcoming Wet Galleries...Its easy to sign up..just enter your
     E-mail address at the top of this page and click the "Join List" Button. Many Thanks!

Sunday June 18th, 2000
1.  COMING SOON at  Yahoo ClubWetSportswear  Jamie's Euro 2000 pics...stay tuned
     Please remember that ALL Pics are Copyrighted and are not to be used without the express
     authorization from the author and the model(s).

Saturday June 17th,2000
1.  Deleted

2.  Check out 2 More Wet Yahoo Clubs:  Yahoo Club WetGirlsANDGuys  and
      Yahoo Club WetSport
3.  Adding "Mudboy Steves" (2) sites to our links pages. Check out his wet and muddy
     websites.  Mud Boy UK  AND  MudBoy18  thanks  Steve ..
4.  We have added a "Listbot" to our site...If you do sign up for this free LISTBOT you
     can stay informed by e-mail of all our updates and wet notices.
5.  Great Update at  Wassermann's WetWetWeb-Site  Many Thanks  Wassermann

Friday June 16th, 2000
1.  Restored Patrick's Gallery from backup as well as adding some new additons - check it out!
2.  Provided access to the site visitor statististics so you can know just how busy we've been.

Tuesday June 13th, 2000
1. We get treated to another special :) Check out  Yahoo Club Wetsportswear
        New Photos of Jamie in Wet KAPPA and ADIDAS Sports Gear - Very Steamy!

2.     All Brand Check out :  TZ Gallery Eight   Loads of Wet Celebs and More!

Monday June 12th, 2000
1.  check out the latest update at :  Yahoo Clubwet501s Overflow  A Great new series
        of pix  "Jamie Falls In"  AND "Lee's Unplanned Visit"   WAY TO GO!!! This NEW
        series will get you UP and Outdoors to find that water hose...Many thanks to Paul, Jamie, Lee
        Please let these boys know what you think of their Wet Adventures... Leviguy501

2.      First Wet AND Muddy Event: More Details check out  Yahoo ClubWetSF

         Here are more details re WetSF's first wet/muddy event: We'll be heading
         up to the Russian River on Saturday, July 22. Plan to meet in San Francisco
         at 9 a.m. (probably at my place, which is near the new Giants ballpark) and
         carpool from there (we'll have enough vehicles to accommodate people
         without wheels). Canoes have been rented for the day. We'll "put in" at the
         rental location at Forestville around 10:30 and take a leisurely
         (and very wet) trip down the river, stopping for a packed lunch at one of
         the many sandbar beaches along the way. A bus will pick us up at the "take
         out" place around 3 p.m.and bring us back to the rental location. From
         there, we'll go to Club Mud for a wet/muddy party. CM has a big clay
         mudpit for wallows (solo or with buddies). There are also showers and a
         water trough for guys who prefer H2O play. We'll leave about 8 p.m. for
         the trip back to the city. Cost is $40 per person to cover the canoe rental,
         CM rental, food and drinks.
         Hope you can make it. Let me know for sure, so I can have an accurate
         count for reservations.
         Poolbuddy  (e-mail) Poolbuddy

3.      NEW Pics at  Yahoo ClubWetSportsWear  by Rubberdid

Saturday June 10th, 2000
1.   NEW Gallerie Doujunque  A great  NEW wet series of pix..Many thanks to
       Doujunque  for showing us how to cool off in the Office :)  Way to Go..

2.   UPDATE at GET WET  check out the NEW pix in the Contributor Gallery at:
        SteveH- River Wye  thanks to  Wet Boy  ...also added Peter2&3...

Friday June 9th, 2000
1.  At Yahoo Clubs WetSF:
     It's official! WetSF's first wet and muddy event is now on the
     calendar.  On Saturday, July 22, WetSF will host a day of wet and muddy fun,
     beginning with a canoe trip down the Russian River, followed by a party
     at Club Mud, a private, secluded location with showers for H2O-only
     types and a mudpit for the wallowers among us. Transportation to and from
     San Francisco will be arranged. If you are interested in signing up,
     e-mail  Poolbuddy   for details.

2.  UPDATE at:  Kevin Wet&Wild  Kevin has finished his Wet Leather Gallery with
     42 NEW pics. Check it out!  Thanks Kevin.

3.  deleted

4.   UPDATE at  Male Model Photography & Portfolio of J.T. SEATON

Friday June 2nd, 2000
1.  We have re-created the DUNK TANK Collection, The new galleries are half the orig
     size to allow faster loading to your computer. Then new galleries are Dunk Tank No. 1
      Dunk Tank No. 2    Dunk Tank No. 3    Dunk Tank No. 4    Dunk Tank No. 5
      Dunk Tank No. 6    Dunk Tank No. 7    Dunk Tank No. 8    Dunk Tank No. 9

Monday May 29th, 2000
1.   Opened the NEW Wet Boy Groups Gallery   Weather is getting warmer and time to
      get out and have some wet fun..why not take some pics...share with us all.
2.  Check out the NEW pics of Jamie at  Bank Holiday..Jamie's Pool Party  great new pics!
      Thanks Jamie and Paul...Keep up the Great work...Yahoo Clubwet501'soverflow.
3.  For a HOT TIME in the tub...check out the NEW pics posted at  Poolbuddy's Bath Pics
     Yahoo Club WetSF...
4.  Also check out  Yahoo Club Wetbaggyjeans  for Robb's Latest pics...Thanks Robb!

Saturday May 27th, 2000
1.  Added 9 NEW pics to  VFRPilot's Wet Gallery  Check out Scott's HOT NEW Wet Pics.
     You may contact Scott at  VFRPilot , drop him a note and say thanks dude!

Thursday May 25th, 2000
1.  Restored the Illustrated Keywest report from backup.
2.  Restored DW_M's Gallery from CD.
3.  Restored Dunk's Wet Adventure from CD Backup.

Monday May 22nd, 2000
1.  Restored Wet Greg's gallery from CD due to the request of several regular visitors.

Thursday May 18th, 2000
1.  We would like to extend a very big thank you to  JimWWW   for all his help with making
      it possible for us to continue with this site..without his long hours of hard work we would not
      be here....thanks James..
2.  OPENED the Wet Vans23x Gallery 15 great wet Airwalks and wet Vans Pix!
      You can check out his website at :
       AND you can e-mail him at : vanssox .

Wednesday May 17th
1.  OPENED THE NEW Wet Uniforms Gallery  Many thanks to  JT  and Wet Photographer
      Joseph Turner, for personal pix contributions. We would also like to greatly thank  Poolbuddy
      for his generous contributions to our site.  Thanks Guys!   DO you have pix of yourself in
      Wet Uniforms??  How about becoming a contributor..
2.  ADDED NEW SITE OF THE DAY Twillin Check out his NEW updated Galleries, you
     may contact him at :  twillin .
3.  Check Out the Yahoo Club  WetSF  For SF-area guys who enjoy wet clothes - Currently
     Planning Wet Bay Area Events!  Contact Poolbuddy  for more info.
4.  UPDATE at  Male Model Photography & Portfolio of J.T. SEATON

Sunday May 14th
1.  ADDED back the  Lumberjack and Logrolling  Gallery with 7 NEW pix added.

Saturday May 13th
1. ADDED back  Media Gallery No. 1  Re-designed to load faster
2. ADDED back  Media Gallery No. 2  Re-designed to also load faster
3. ADDED new   Media Gallery No. 3  Faster Loading
4. ADDED new   Media Gallery No. 4  Faster loading and a few new pix
5. NEW  Gallery Opened Lava Lamp Lounge this is a NEW Gallery for your contributions.
    Please remember this is your site too and you are more then welcome to add your favorite
    scans and wet pix..Contact : for more details.

Thursday May 11th
1.   Added the 10th Baptism Gallery   More pix coming soon...
2.. Restored the old 4th baptism gallery by viewer request.  More as time allows.

Tuesday May 9th at 8:00p.m.
1.   Check out the   Dutch Wet Club for some of the best wet group pix out there.
     Many thanks to  Ger  and his group.
2.   Another great update is at the  Raving Wet Club at Yahoo.  thanks to  riverratt .
      Check out the New Pool Parties Pix. ALSO pix from   DutchWetBoys Pool Party.
  You can sure tell the weather is getting warmer a  "RETRO JAMIE WET"!!! series
      was posted on the  Club Wet 501's at Yahoo this week..check out Jaime in his 1970's attire.

Friday May 5th at 7:00p.m.
1.  ADDEDRein's Wet 3 Piece Suit Gallery  A  Great new gallery by a NEW
     Contributor to our Wet Site.  Please extent a Warm Wet Welcome to  Rein .

Tuesday May 2nd at 8:00p.m.
1.  ADDED  Jim Madison's Wet Gallery   A great collection of wet shower pics and a fine
     collection of wet outdoor pics...We look forward to yet more wet Wisconsin pix :)
2.  ADDED   Wet Jeans Gallery  - Your  gallery for your self pics in Wet Jeans, we hope
      that with more viewers obtaining digital cameras and video equipment that more
     pics will be submitted for all of us to enjoy!

Monday May1st at 2:00p.m.
1.  UPDATED  Larry's Wet Page - With several NEW photos sent in... mail him at:  truetub
2.  We are in the process of Updating the  LINKS page ..please report NEW or BROKEN links
     so we may keep this page up to date.  Many Thanks.

Sunday April 30th at 11:00p.m.
1.  ADDED  LM's Wet Scrapbook  A great collection of old and new wet pics, you can also
     view his pix at his NEW  Wetguy's Wet Scrapbook Gallery mail him at:  Wetguy .

Thursday April 27th
1.   OPENED the  TZ's Seventh Photo Collection with 40 new pics.
2.   A Reminder to check into the various YAHOO Clubs for any  updates.

Monday April 24th
1.  UPDATED  luvwetbodsNEW luvwetbods Wet Gallery with 21 exciting hottub pics.
2.  UPDATE at  Male Model Photography & Portfolio of J.T. SEATON

Sunday April 23rd
1.  SITE Transfered to XOOM (Temporary Site)    Water Clothes

Wednesday April 05th at 4:00p.m.
1.  Kevin from Wet&Wild  has created a NEW Yahoo Club for men in  Wet Latex Vinyl and PVC
2.  UPDATED the TurneR Klassics Gallery with images T11-T22..  Check out the Classic
     Wet pics brought to us by the photography of Joseph Turner.

Friday March 31st, at 7:00 p.m.
1.  UPDATE at  Robb's Wetbaggyjeans Club on Yahoo  Check out his NEW wet pix.  Remember, if you get a "restrictricted area" message just first login to your Yahoo Mail account and go from there.
2.  Check out the fine pics of Jaime in the tub in the new BATHTIME series at Clubwet 501's
3.  UPDATE at Jt's Wet Site with a NEW gallery called  Welcome To My Office Check out
     JT in his WET suit and tie and bonus wet Shoe pix. (temporally down)

Wednesday March 22nd, at 8:30 p.m.
Added Captain Mike under "Massachusetts" on the Wet Buddy/Contact List page.

Friday March 17th at 3:00p.m.
Added pics Bap813-849 to the Ninth Baptism Photo Gallery .(offline)

Wednesday March 15th at 8:00p.m.
1. - Opended the NEWCitron88's Wet Gallery  with a hot Wet Series - check out  Citron88 .
       35 years old, 5'10" slim Asian --Looking for wet contacts in NYC...

Sunday March 12th at 6:00p.m.
1. - Added  kmonty in New Hampshire to the  Wet Buddy / Contact List  page..please read
       his fine comments and give him a warm water welcome  to our wet family :)
2. - Added the  NEW  Bjoern's Wet Fountain Gallery  Come jump in the Fountain. join the fun..

Saturday March 11th  at 10:00p.m.
1. - Added luvwetbods NEW luvwetbods Wet Gallery  Showing us all how to clean that shower!

 Tuesday February 29th, at 12:01a.m.
1. - Update Alert :  Jt'sRed Hot !!  NEW GALLERY CopLand   Added  to his Wet Site!
       (temporally down)
Monday February 28th, at 12:00p.m.
1. - Added  Richard  in Dayton, Ohio to the  Wet Buddy / Contact List page..Welcome Aboard! 2.- Updated E-mail address for Jes  check out his wet updates at:  Jes Gets Wet

Wednesday February 23rd, at 3:00p.m.
1. - Added NEW link to wetguy  "Pushmeinthewater" his wet webpage is located at PersonalPage
2.- Added pics tz411-tz443 to the TZs Sixth Photo Collection  (offline)
3.- Update at Robb's Wetbaggyjeans Club on Yahoo  check it out!
4.- Check out all the wet action at the Yahoo Clubwet 501's  remember you can open a NEW
      gallery on the Yahoo Clubs by linking your pix from your OWN  briefcase on Yahoo
      without taking up Photo Space on your favorite club..Let's get those Camera's Cranking...

Tuesday February 15th, at 6:00p.m.
1. - Opened the NEW Ninth Baptism Photo Gallery with pics Bap801-812. (offline)

Monday February 14th, at 10:00p.m.
1. - Added 21 new pics (mvc-001wet.jpg thru Wpb8wet.jpg) to the Jes Gets Wet Gallery.

Saturday February 12th, at
1. -  Robb's Wetbaggyjeans Club on Yahoo - if you get the "restricted area" message go instead to and either login using an existing Yahoo Mail account or create a new one on the spot.  Its free!
2. - Opened the NEW  TurneRKlassics Gallery A wet and wonderful new page that will be
       updated frequently with the great Wet Photography of Joseph Turner.

Friday February 11th, at 10:00p.m.
1. Opened the NEW  Aaron's Wet Gallery  A new gallery of wet pix of the Hong Kong singing
    superstar. He surely seems to enjoy getting wet on more than one occasion.

Thursday February 10th, at 12:00p.m.
1. Opened the NEW  Sixth Dunk Tank Gallery with pix 501-522 (offline)
2. Added pics Jes 26-31 to the  Jes Gets Wet Gallery

Tuesday February 1st, at 10:00 p.m.
1.   Added a NEW Gallery for VFRPilota new Contributor to our Wet Family, please give him
       a warm wet welcome!  Pix added  are VFRPilot1 - VFRPilot10 at VFRPilot's Wet Gallery

Saturday January 29th, at 10:00 p.m.
1.  Added pix 87 - 96 to the Pool Page. (offline)
2.  Added Urban Oases (a nice fountain site) to the links page.
3.  Added the Male Model Photography & Portfolio of J.T. SEATON to the links page.- See the wet male models section.
4.  Added the Yahoo Clubwet 501's - Features pics & discussion regarding Wet Levi 501's.  If you get the "restricted area" message just go to and login either using an existing Yahoo Mail account or create a free one on the spot.
5.  Added tz399-tz405 to TZ's Fifth Photo Collection Page. (offline)
6.  Opened  TZ's Sixth Photo Collection Page with tz406-tz410 (offline)

Friday January 28th, 2000 at 10:00 p.m.
1. - Added NEW LINK for Robb's Wetbaggyjeans Club on Yahoo - if you get the "restricted area" message go instead to and either login using an existing Yahoo Mail account or create a new one on the spot.  Its free!
2. - Added pool pix 78-86 to the Pool Page. (offline)
3, - Added pics 491 to 500 in the 5th dunk tank page. (offline)

Thursday January 27th, 2000 at 10:00 p.m.:
1. - Added wd14.jpg to the  Wetdudes Wet Album
2. - Added NEW LINK for JT's HOT SITE Hard day at the Airport (temporally down)
3. - Added jn08-jn11.jpg to the  Wet Jeans Gallery      Back Online!

Tuesday January 25th, 2000 at:
10:00 p.m. - Uploaded 3 pix to outside gallery (offline)

On December 6th, 1999 Cestrius lost access to the Internet when he sold his computer and left the United States to be with his lover in Lima, Peru.  In the meantime, TZ ( will be taking care of business.

NOTE  #1:  You can view the earlier (1999) version of the log file for 1999 by going here.
NOTE  #2:  The 1998 log file is located here.

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